Deidre Bjorson-Author

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Meet Deidre

Hi! Thank you for coming to my page. My name is Deidre and I am the author of The Haunting of Locker 31, Three Finger Jack and A Cowboy Christmas Romance.

Deidre Bjorson lives in Colorado with her husband and their 3 four legged children. A full-time teacher hoping to become a full-time author, Deidre spends her nights and weekends crafting her novels. When she is not writing, she enjoys camping, fishing, paddle boarding, hiking or relaxing in the beautiful sunshine. She loves taking part in paranormal investigations around Colorado. When she needs a break from scaring herself, she turns to romance, writing fun, light-hearted tales with happy endings. To learn more about Deidre, or stay up to date on her latest projects, connect with her on social media.

The Haunting of Locker 31

“There are some weird stories about that locker. They don’t usually let kids have it.”

After her mother commits a terrible crime, Misti is sent to live with her estranged Aunt and Uncle. Welcomed with open arms, Misti finds herself in a safe place for the first time in a long time. She struggles to navigate life around her cousin, Penny, new friends and the handsome boy in her art class who impacts her life more than she ever wanted. On top of all of this, Misti is assigned Locker 31, the haunted locker. Misti dismisses the stories. Ghosts aren’t real. 

When her things are arranged for her classes, Misti suspects she is being pranked. When her lock is spinning, she blames lack of sleep.When a 20-year-old diary appears not only giving life to the odd occurrences at the locker but brings them to her home; she runs out of explanations. With the help of her new friends and possible boyfriend, Misti sets out to solve The Haunting of Locker 31.

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“Dear Reader,

Congratulations on finding this one of a kind, life-changing book. Before you venture to read any of the following stories, I am compelled to warn you. The tales you are going to read are of a most gruesome and sinister nature. All are based on people who are no longer living but are still with us. If you do read a story, be prepared for consequences. You’ve been warned.”

When April and Steve head off to the mountains to enjoy a weekend of skiing and hot tubbing, neither of them expects anything dire to happen. April is excited to experience a true high school party weekend while Steve plans to finally make April see him as something other than the boy next door.

When a member of the group shares a one of a kind book of ghost stories, the group gathers to read the story of Three Finger Jack, brushing the warning off as a scare tactic to encourage reading. The next morning, the teens wake to find one of their own hanging by her ankles with her throat cut in the garage. Snowed in, alone and being hunted, the teens’ weekend of fun turns deadly

A contemporary, sweet, holiday romance that will warm your heart and leave you believing in the magic of Christmas and love.

Isabella Davis is a successful, independent woman. She is the top selling real estate broker at her firm, and she just closed on the biggest deal of her life. While out celebrating, Isabella runs into the man who shattered her heart three years before. Kurt had left her for a job in New York, and she hadn’t been able to get over him. When her childhood best friend Olivia calls to announce she is engaged and getting married on Christmas Eve, Isabella agrees to be maid-of-honor and escapes back home to the snowy mountains of Colorado. Happy to be away from Kurt, Isabella reminds herself that love is not worth the pain. Then she meets Dirk, the rugged, sharp-eyed cowboy who is allowing Olivia and her fiancé to use his barn for their wedding ceremony. He appears cold, but as the days go by, Isabella sees the ice melt away and finds herself attracted to him. Could it just be her silly heart, or does he want her too?